Monday, August 3, 2015

Just starting our blog and getting help from Kathy Burningham who keeps blog. August 3rd, 2015

This is my first attempt at a blog. We arrived in Guatemala May 8, 2015.  Mark and I have been called as MLS Missionaries which means we are Member Leadership Support in the Guatemala City Central mission.  Our Mission President is President Markham and his wife who is also my cousin from my dad's side.  His lovely wife is Sister or Hermana as we are called, Susan Markham and we support them as they call us to do many things in the mission. Mark has also been called as the Executive Secretary to the Mission President. An involved calling on top of everything else.

We are also called to a branch to assist and teach the members how the church operates in their Young Men's program and LeAnn (me) offers her lovely presence in all meetings.  As I am so new to listening to Spanish I just smile.  They love me and I love them and that's the language of the Gospel. And I have a following of Primary children.

This is US at the MTC in Provo pointing to Guatemala where we are serving.

This is the picture of President and Sister Markham at the M.T.C.
We were so excited to be at the M.T.C. With Cylde  Goodrich's sister and her husband.